United Way Day of Action at Steadfast

The Ausherman Properties and Ausherman Family Foundation teams united for the 2022 Day of Action, sponsored by United Way.

The group’s assignment was to provide landscaping, painting, and woodworking for the Steadfast house on Route 15. Steadfast is a nonprofit founded in 2018 to serve young adolescent males transitioning out of the foster care system.

The founders, Cindy Morgan and Cary Plamondon had personal experiences that helped them to recognize a gap in services for youth transitioning out of foster care. Cindy, for example, volunteered to be a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for youth in foster care. She was heartbroken to watch her youth struggle to get his bearings after declaring his independence. This struggle was not unique to him, as nearly 25% of those in foster care experience homelessness within the first four years after declaring their independence.

Cindy and Cary became inspired to do something to help young people in Frederick County transition out of foster care. In response, Steadfast was founded and they acquired a house in partnership with FCF Church with the objective of housing the young adults there in a dormitory-style setting. While the young adults live there, they will be connected with vital resources and guidance to help them acquire life-skills and independence. Guidance will be provided for activities such as: shopping, housework, laundry, and cooking – all things to help them prepare for life on their own.

Steadfast hopes to open the house later this year, and the Ausherman teams got them one step closer: By planting in the garden, mulching, painting the porch, rebuilding portions of the fence, and replacing lattices, the house received a makeover that fit with the beautiful, farmhouse interior.

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